As anyone starting a new company knows, you tend to put your all into getting things going and keeping them running smoothly. That can mean investing countless hours and personal finances, in hopes of generating success sooner rather than later. However, it can be dangerous jumping in whole-heartedly if you aren’t prepared. In order to make your business finance goals, take some steps to protect yourself.

As an entrepreneur, you are the most important asset to your business. Startups, after all, wouldn’t exist without their owners. That also means the venture needs you to keep going. While many people may think it’s all right to sacrifice seeming extras, such as insurance, it should actually be one on the first things you obtain.

Having insurance such as health, disability, and even life, keeps you protected as well as your business. A health issue and its accompanying medical bills can quickly drain coffers, to say the least. Because much of the initial investment for an endeavor usually comes from personal bank accounts, a problem can place a huge burden on the family finances and possibly end your entrepreneurial dream.

Once you know you are taken care of personally, you can focus on making sure the business finance aspect is healthy. Keeping cash flow running smoothly may be the hardest part, but it is also the most important. If you don’t have money coming in, it’s difficult to have a product to put out.

It may be a dreaded word, but it’s vital to the well-being of startups: budgeting. When you forecast your expenses, you need to also look at whether you’ll have the funds to pay for them. That means you need to be careful not to spend one month’s income hoping that the next month will bring in just as much. A surplus one month can be used to keep you from scurrying because of a shortfall the next.

In conjunction with that thought, save for a rainy day. There will likely be tight months, regardless of how effectively you use your business finance plan. Savings to cover a few months’ living expenses can keep you afloat and give you peace of mind.

Financial Advisors suggest applying for a line of credit, which can give you quick access to funds should the need arise. There is no interest or payment due until the funds are borrowed.

To see your business endeavor fly, you’ll likely be spending endless hours and effort to make it work. In the meantime, protect yourself as well as your finances. It can mean the difference between staying aloft or making a crash landing.

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