Accounts Receivable Financing

Help Your Business Grow Without Taking On More Debt

If you’ve been struggling to find a way to help your company acquire extra capital without taking on another loan, consider Accounts Receivable financing. Also called “factoring,” A/R financing refers to a third party financial group like Magnus Commercial Capital purchasing your accounts receivable invoices from you.

Quick Capital, Regardless of Credit

The beautiful part of financing receivables is that in selling your invoices, you are not taking on any new debt; you are merely selling off an asset. Furthermore, since it remains your customer’s responsibility to pay the invoice, it is your customer’s creditworthiness that will be analyzed—not yours. 

More Than Just Cash Flow

Freeing up capital from your receivables is only one aspect to consider. There are many benefits of selling your invoices:

  • Fast funding—often in 24 hours
  • No recourse on unpaid invoices
  • No fixed payments
  • Large client orders can be handled more easily and efficiently

Greater Spending Freedom

When it comes to how you can spend the funds, A/R financing is more flexible than a bank loan. Here are some ideas:

  • Cover payroll during slower months
  • Purchase discounted bulk/early payment materials from your vendors
  • Expand operations

Contact Magnus

One of our financial specialists would be pleased to offer you a free, no-obligation business analysis to determine if A/R financing is right for you. Please contact Magnus today to learn more!

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