Annuity Financing

A Fast, Efficient Financing Solution

If you have an annuity and are looking for cash, our team at Magnus Commercial Capital can help. Through our annuity financing program, you can sell your annuity and receive a lump sum immediately. This can include selling either some or all of your payments or selling just a portion of the incoming payments.

Giving You Instant Liquidity

There are many reasons you might turn to this kind of funding. One of the main advantages is that if you have an unexpected change or a large expense, selling an annuity gives you the money you need immediately. We can also offer:

  • Options that are customized based on your specific needs
  • Help with positioning your assets to be transferred to your heirs
  • Quality customer service to handle your situation

Through financing an annuity, you can avoid high surrender charges while still getting cash.

Get Started Today

You can request a quote for financing your annuity through simply contacting our team. Try to gather the following information so we can expedite the process:

  • First payment date and last guaranteed payment date
  • The payment amount and the frequency of your payments
  • The insurance company name
  • The policy number of your annuity

Let our team at Magnus Commercial Capital help you with financing an annuity so you can get the money you need. Give us a call today to get a quote and get started.

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