Franchise Financing

Funding Your New Franchise

In spite of many American franchises being demonstrably profitable, the heightened restrictions banks and lenders have placed on their borrowers in recent economic times has made it increasingly difficult to obtain the financing one needs to open a franchise—even those with good credit and appropriate cash flow. At Magnus Commercial Capital, we understand the frustrations that can be faced when seeking franchise financing. We are here to assist you make the transition from would-be franchisee to a successful owner.

Partner With the Best

At Magnus, we have dedicated significant time and energy into cultivating a vast network of investors and other reliable funding sources to provide our qualified borrowers with the capital they need to assist with opening or expanding their franchise. If you need to buy new equipment, upgrade technology, add a new location, or remodel an existing location, we will work directly with you to custom-tailor a franchise loan program that meets your specific needs and budget parameters.

Loan Programs

Our franchise loan programs are extensive. What are you seeking to purchase? Here are a few examples of franchise opportunities we can assist with:

  • Food and drink chains
  • Hotel properties
  • Medical service properties
  • Retail stores
  • Business properties
  • Automotive stores

Learn More from Magnus Commercial

Allow us to assist you in obtaining the financing you need for the franchise of your dreams. Contact one of our friendly franchise experts at Magnus to learn more.

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