Healthcare Financing

Financing for Healthcare Professionals

Does your medical practice need financing for acquisition, growth, remodeling, or overall improvement? Do you have debt you would like to consolidate? Our healthcare financing solutions can help your business flourish—or get it back on track. We can assist medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals.

Acquiring a New Practice

Time to open your new practice, or transfer to a different property that better suits the needs of you and your patients? Trying to buy into a practice, or want to buy out an existing practice partner? Magnus is here to help.

Working Capital Loans

Unlike bank loans that often come with harsh stipulations on how the funds can be spent, these loans can be used for nearly anything you may need. Some examples include:

  • Funds for personal needs
  • Expanding your practice
  • Unexpected cash flow situations

Consolidating Debt

Tired of sending checks to a dozen different lenders every month? Don’t let revolving debt drain your time and income—streamline everything by consolidating through Magnus. We can pay off all of your debt and roll it into a single loan.

Equipment Leasing

Do you need to upgrade your existing medical equipment, or purchase new equipment? If you’d rather not buy everything outright, our equipment leasing loans are the solution.

Get Help Today

Magnus Commercial Capital is here to assist you. To learn more, please contact our healthcare financial specialists today.

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